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LCD, Plasma & LED TV Repairs Birmingham

Common Television Repair Problems

There are many common faults, some are unfortunately common in certain makes and models.

Here are just a few of the common faults we fix:

1. My LCD TV will come as normal then clicks with the stand-by light flashing and switches off, it will keep repeating this but sometimes the tv will come on and work ok.

2. There is either no sound and picture, picture but no sound or sound but no picture on my LCD TV (with or without a standby light)

3. I have a line down the screen which is there all the time and on all inputs

4. There is a booming and rattling sound coming from the speakers

5. On first switch on I have a double image on the screen that tends to go after 10-20 mins

6. My LCD television will turn off and i have to turn it on again. Tends to happen after i have left the room for a while

7. My LCD tv will switch over to another source whilst watching a dvd or blu-ray etc without me pressing the remote

8. When watching tv from Sky HD 3D channel the pictures are side by side